Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coming soon! White House to roll out gun control campaign...

Wonder why Obama didn't mention anything about "gun control" in his recent state of the union speech? Turns out, it was intentional. According to the White House, "Obama didn’t mention guns in his speech because of the omnipresent controversy surrounding the Second Amendment and gun control." Oh, you think? Perhaps it's possible that deep down, Obama and his cronies really do realize that most American's truly know and understand how vital the 2nd amendment (in conjunction with the 1st amendment) is to preserving liberty and freedom for the American people. Perhaps they know this, and that is why it appears that they want to take these freedoms away. Our freedom of speech and our freedom to own and carry firearms represents a threat to their ability to control.

Don't kid yourself. Gun control - at least how our current politicians define and implement it - does not reduce crime. Look at Mexico. They have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. And how is that working out for them? Alas, there are many variables to this issue, but nobody in their right mind can honestly say that in a civil society, you will always have peace. The occasional nutcase is going to all Pulp Fiction on innocent citizens every now and then. Since no amount of governmental regulation will completely eliminate violent crime, what can we as citizens do to protect ourselves from maniacs like Jared Loughner? Be armed. It's that simple.

Not to drive this point into the ground... but in the coming weeks, expect to see more politicians and anti-gun groups crank up the pressure. Don't wait until it's too late! Buy the gun(s) you want now while you can. NC SILENCER is a great online gun retailer that has the best deals on guns and silencers. Check us out!

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