Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shooting the AAC Ti-RANT 9 and the 762-SDN-6

Advanced Armament Corp has earned a reputation for producing high quality suppressors. The Ti-RANT 9 and the 762-SDN-6 are two such suppressors. Both of these are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason... they work, and they work well.

The Ti-RANT 9 is a top performer on 9mm pistols, especially with 147 grain subsonic ammo, and the 762-SDN-6 is a .30 caliber suppressor and does a great job suppressing smaller caliber rifle rounds as well. It can be used from .30 caliber rounds all the way down to .223/5.56.

Ok, that's nice and all, but why am I randomly picking these two suppressors to talk about right now?

Well, I happened to have these two suppressors with me the other day when I was doing a little traveling. I also happened to find myself in the neighborhood of Hickok45 - the gentleman you may have come across on YouTube who does a little talking about guns and a lot of shooting. The Hickok45 Channel can be found here.

So, it just seemed natural to let 'Ol Hickok try his hand at my suppressors, since I was in the neighborhood and all. We were able to get some video shot with the Ti-RANT9 on a Glock G17 and the 762-SDN-6 on an AR-15 with a 300 Blackout upper. Most of the ammo used was subsonic.

Here is the first video, entitled "Silenced Destruction". Enjoy!

There should be more videos coming soon. Keep checking back at Hickok45's channel... or better yet, go ahead and subscribe to his channel so you'll be kept updated. And of course, it would be swell if you would subscribe to my channel as well: MrNCSILENCER.


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