Saturday, February 25, 2012

The XCaliber Firearms Genesis Suppressor -- A Short Review

XCaliber Firearms Genesis All Stainless Steel .22 Suppressor
There is a relatively new-to-the market .22 caliber suppressor that is worth your attention. It's called the Genesis and it's made by XCaliber Firearms, LLC in Mena, Arkansas. There are three flavors -- the All Stainless Steel model for heavy-duty rim-fire use (.22LR all the way up to 22 Hornet), the Aluminum model for .22LR, .17HMR, and .22 Mag, and the Micro model for use with only .22LR. Prices are $495 for Stainless model, $325 for Aluminum, and $320 for the Micro.

I've been playing around with this suppressor for awhile now, and I am extremely impressed. It offers top-notch sound suppression on every .22 rifle and pistol host I've tried it on. The manufacturer's advertised dB measurements claim an average of 116dB, and I believe it. This suppressor is silly quiet. First shot to last shot sounds the same... there is no noticeable first round pop.

I plan to do a more in-depth review of this suppressor in the future, but for the meantime, check out the video below. I loaned hickok45 (of YouTube fame) a Genesis Aluminum suppressor and a Ruger 22/45 pistol so he could make a video review of the combo. We used CCI MiniMag ammo exclusively.

It may be helpful to point out that .22LR CCI MiniMag ammo is one of the loudest .22 loads when shot through an unsuppressed pistol. However, this round comes out of the Ruger 22/45 at subsonic speeds, so what you hear is 100% muzzle blast, and it is surprisingly loud. With the suppressor attached though, it reduces the blast significantly... to where it's not even noticeable. Most of what you hear is the target being hit. The audio in this video doesn't do the suppressor justice. In person, shooting with the Genesis sounds similar to a pellet rifle.

Like what you hear? Head on over to the NC SILENCER website , shoot me an email and order a Genesis for yourself. I'm confident that you'll be extremely satisfied with this little gem.

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  1. How difficult each it to disassemble and clean?
    Why buy one over the other, i.e., Alum. vs. SS?

    1. The sooner you clean after you shoot, the easier it is to take apart and clean. Both AL and SS models are as equally easy to take apart.

      Why buy one over the other? AL for light weight. SS for more cleaning options.. with the SS baffles, you can use the chemical "dip" (vinegar + hydrogen peroxide) and an ultra-sonic cleaner. Need to clean AL baffles by hand or use soda blaster.

      Thank you!

  2. John at Silencer Research is a great guy. It's good to see him making a good product and bringing it to market.