Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama Using Executive Power to go After NFA Trusts?

"I told you so..."

Let's be honest here, are you actually surprised that President Obama has finally wielded executive power to further push his gun control agenda? I'm not. The writing has been on the wall since before he was elected to his first term. The question now is: what exactly are the implications for you and other lawful citizens in terms of owning NFA items, and when will these new gun control (emphasis on "control") measures take place?

As I understand it, the basic premise to these new rules handed down by the Obama White House are as follows... at least as how it affects you and me:

NFA items - which conveniently for Obama -  fall under Federal jurisdiction, will soon go under the microscope for further scrutiny in the form of added regulations for NFA transfers to legal entities like Trusts. In layman's terms, this means that you and everyone else listed on your "NFA Trust" will be subjected to criminal background checks before taking possession of your NFA item. This could involve, at the worst case scenario, submissions of fingerprint cards, passport photos, blood samples, DNA samples, and your first-born son in exchange for being granted the "privilege" of owning harmless tools like silencers. Just kidding about the last three items on that list, by the way. At the very best (or should I say, least intrusive) scenario, only a NICS check by your local FFL/SOT dealer (that would be NC SILENCER, in case you were wondering) may be required before taking possession of your NFA item.

On one hand, it's actually kind of laughable that it took so long for this administration to figure out that yes, you can legally buy NFA items without undergoing a background check. On the other hand, it's probably a sure bet that these new rules will almost certainly increase the already ridiculous wait times for ATF approval.

All that being said, it is still unclear to me whether these new rules will affect silencers. At first blush, I would think that it would, but every article I've read on this topic indicates that machine guns and short barrel shotguns will be affected. Silencers have not been specifically called out (at least I haven't noticed it). However, I'm inclined to dismiss this potential journalistic oversight as a result of the across-the-board ignorance of your average news person about the ins and outs of NFA items.

Speaking of ATF wait times, I do have some good news about that... (luckily, there is another side to this story). But I'll save that for another blog post or email newsletter. Keep your eyes open for that. I think you'll be pleased with this "top secret" info that have.

Meanwhile,  check out THIS article from the Blaze for more info on Obama's latest power grab. You can't say he didn't warn you...

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