Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In 1934, the government devised regulations against silencers which almost caused their extinction.... what next?

It was 1934 and it was called the National Firearms Act. It was the first time our government tried gun control on the federal level and it essentially dealt a death blow to silencers, machine guns, and other such fun things. Of course, if it weren't for that little inconvenience known as the 2nd amendment, silencers would probably have been banned outright. It's reminders of history like that which make us appreciate things like this little nugget we just read in the National Review. (Yes, it's referencing health-care.... but you'll probably get the point.)

Pres. Barack Obama, whose signature achievement in office has been dropping a 1,000-page package of regulations onto the American health-care market, has now decided that there are too many federal regulations, and, with an eye on job growth, has ordered regulators to study the problem. There is a kind of genius at work in that: The regulators already are regulated under regulations derived from the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which requires that regulators, before regulating, study a proposed regulation's impact on small business. To that regulator-regulating regulation, President Obama has added an additional regulation, stipulating that regulators, "reduce regulatory burdens on small business." What obviously is needed here are additional regulators to regulate the enforcement of the regulator-regulating regulations, which is to say, regulator-regulating-regulation-regulator regulators. Who says Obama doesn't know how to create jobs?


Just in case there might be more gun regulations coming down the pike, why don't you head over to NC SILENCER now and pick up a silencer or two? While you still can. And speaking of the NC SILENCER website, we just added an FAQ page with handy information on silencers that you may find surprising. Check it out!

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