Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Guns and Silencers Marked Down at NC SILENCER!!

While you were focusing on the rising price of gasoline, the BATFE/DOJ scandal and your perfectly grilled hamburgers over this past holiday weekend, you may have not noticed something else that happened...

The NC sales tax rate....... wait for it.... drum roll, please....... actually DECREASED!

Yes, somehow - perhaps because of a clerical error or typo within the hallowed annals of the NC Dept. of Revenue - the effective sales tax rate in NC dropped! Apparently, this took effect on July 1. Of course, this was obviously an oversight, and we'll likely see it continue on its normal upward rise soon. Meanwhile, we here in Mecklenburg County can now enjoy incredible savings when we buy tangible goods by paying only 7.25% in tax! Consumers rejoice!

This means that the AR-15 rifle that you want to buy from NC SILENCER will now cost you only $804.38 instead of the $811.88 you would have paid before the tax decrease. That's a whopping $7.50 in savings! Incredible! Think of how much gas you could buy with that kind of savings!

I predict that as word gets out about this amazing news, we'll see consumers flocking to stores and retailers all over the state. Economic crisis? What crisis?? Disaster has been averted thanks to the deft minds and pens of the NC legislators.    

Congratulations, Mecklenburg county. You're probably not in the top 10th percentile of the entire country now for sales tax. Way to go!

As a result of this sweeping new change, all items across the board at NC SILENCER are now cheaper by one penny per dollar. Come on in and stock up!

NC SILENCER, Arming Average Americans Since 2010.... Now Even Cheaper.

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