Friday, July 15, 2011

What Exactly Did the DOJ Mean by "Following" Guns Into Mexico??

Here's a hypothetical for you to consider:

Let's say you buy chainsaw from a retailer. Let's say that your new chainsaw has a serial number, and let's say that you go ahead and register the chainsaw with its manufacturer... or even an insurance company or something. You know, so that you feel that you're "protected" in case anything goes wrong with the chainsaw, or if its stolen. Also, to ensure that you will receive tons of junk mail from affiliated parties with special offers.

Ok, now the question is, how does the registrar track or "follow" that chainsaw? Seriously, how would they do that?

In a few months after the purchase, you could sell the chainsaw to your neighbor, who in turns, lends it to his brother-in-law, who happens to takes the chainsaw with him to his mountain cabin, located in a small town in another state... and while in the parking lot of the local Walmart of that town, the chainsaw is stolen out of the guys pickup truck. And let's say the guy does not realize it was stolen until two weeks later when he returns home.  

So... do you know where your chainsaw is now? Of course not! And neither do the folks with whom you registered it. If it ever resurfaces at all, it's because somebody down the road obtains it, and for whatever reason, decides to research the serial number. And that may - or may not - pinpoint the current location of the chainsaw. It really depends on the intent of the person who now has it in their possession.

It's pretty much the same thing with this "Project Gunwalker" fiasco. As a licensed gun dealer, I am fully aware of how the tracking process works for firearms. It's a paper trail all the way from manufacturer to first legal buyer. After that, there is no legal requirement for Joe Citizen to keep a written acquisition and disposition record. Not to mention, Joe Criminal. So, if a gun is stolen or sold to a straw purchaser (who illegally sells/gives it to a criminal), there's really no good way to find out where the gun travels to. Even if the gun changes hands several times, always being sold to law-abiding citizens, the authorities still don't have a way to track where the gun goes. You simply don't "follow" guns.

Try to picture this: A common thug steals a gun (or even buys a gun from someone on the street) and like a good little boy, he makes sure to record his acquisition - complete with serial number - in a securely kept "bound book" in case he ever needs to help out the friendly law enforcement people. You know, to help solve a crime that that may involve that gun somewhere down the road. Hilarious! That's about as unlikely as a politician actually telling the truth.

And so, the question still remains, how on earth did the DOJ think they were going to track or follow these guns they let "walk" into Mexico? I think the answer is simple. They knew they could never follow the guns.

Either the people behind this project were incredibly ignorant and incompetent and really didn't expect things to go south (pun intended)... or they are as nefarious and malicious as you can imagine them to be. I'm inclined to believe the latter. I believe that the DOJ knew the whole time that they would never be able to follow these guns. Not until these guns turned up at crime scenes (where it's highly likely for people to be dead), would anyone know where they were at.

What kind of plan is that? Anyone in their right mind would know that a scheme like this would result in unnecessary human causalities. Despite this plan's complete lack rationale, it's easy for me to imagine a conversation in the White House going something like this: "Hey, here's an idea... let's give Mexican drug lords tons of weapons by forcing U.S. gun dealers to illegally sell them to straw purchasers... and then we'll sit back and watch the show!" Wow, that's a great idea! That will give us the perfect catalyst we need to advance our gun control agenda." It seems that the phrase, "Holder lied, people died" is indeed, a very fitting summary of this scandal.

So yes, the whole thing was a big rouse to help start up the ol' gun control machine again. Don't doubt that for a minute.

So, whose heads are in the sand right now? I'm afraid to say, that unless average Americans wake up and smell the gunpowder, it's their own fault if they're in the dark. If your head is in the sand, it makes your ass a better target. Do you like your guns? Do you want to keep them? Then don't stand by and let these goons disarm us. Let's challenge every attack they wage on our God-given right of self defense and firearm ownership. And let's vote them out of office at every chance we have.

~ Eric Morton

NC SILENCER. Arming Average Americans Since 2010.   

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