Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Salutations, News and a Memorial Fund from NC SILENCER

Where liberty dwells, there is my country.  ~Benjamin Franklin

Happy 238th birthday, America! My, you have aged well. You look as young as you did in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson began to dress you up in unbridled liberalism. In fact, you look almost exactly the same today. Wow, what a gal.

But seriously though, happy Fourth of July… happy Independence Day. I’m sure that most of you are spending this time with family, friends and loved ones. I hope this is a time for relaxation and reflection for you – reflection on what it means to be a citizen of this great country that we live in, and to consider the birth of the United States of America and think about what so many before us have sacrificed so that we can enjoy the simple pleasures in life that a lot of us take for granted today.

We have a very attractive Fourth of July sale this year: We are offering a spectacular deal on AAC Ti-RANT 9 silencers. For this weekend only – from 12:00AM Saturday, July 5 to 12:00AM Monday July 7 – AAC Ti-Rant 9 silencers are half price at NC SILENCER. A clean cut down the middle… only $425 for a Ti-RANT 9 for these 48 hours only. Please note that $425 does NOT include the $200 tax stamp. Uncle Sam still wants his cut. Supplies are limited, so act fast if you want to take advantage of this deal. First come, first served. Click HERE to contact us.

UPDATE: the Fourth of July sale above has expired. ~ EM 7/7/14

Also, I'd like to share a personal story about a customer of ours:

Last year, we were contacted by a customer; a Mr. Ericsson Davis, a young First Lieutenant and Aviator in the United States Marine Corps stationed at MCAS New River, NC. He was extremely interested in buying a Daniel Defense MK18 5.56 SBR and after we shared a few e-mails, he decided to purchase the rifle. About three weeks ago, his tax stamp came back and we reached out to Ericsson via email to let him know that his gun was ready to pick up.

A couple days later, on June 16, I received a phone call from his mother, Marjorie, who told me that Ericsson was killed in a plane crash over the Memorial holiday weekend. She was going through his affairs and discovered that he had purchased the SBR from NC SILENCER and seen the email we sent to his account. And now that the tax stamp for Ericsson's SBR had arrived from ATF, we had to do something about it because Marjorie had no interest in trying to take possession of the SBR for herself.

After discussing options, the decision was made to refund her for the cost of the SBR and request the ATF to void Ericsson's tax stamp, thus returning the gun into NC SILENCER inventory. Marjorie
mentioned to me that there were several loose ends that she needed to tie up related to her son’s death and that the refund of the SBR would help out a lot. So I asked Marjorie if she would be ok if NC SILENCER set up a memorial fund for Ericsson to give our customers and friends a chance to contribute financially to help her with settling her son's affairs. She was very appreciative of the offer.

So after thinking about it for a while, here is what I’ve decided to do – we’ll have a drawing from all who contribute to this memorial fund to win the SBR that would have been Ericsson’s. To enter the drawing to win the Daniel Defense MK18 SBR all you have to do is click the link below, which will take you to our homepage where you can enter the drawing by making a donation. It doesn't matter if you contribute .10 cents or $10, your entry will be included in the drawing.

Click here to enter:  The Ericsson Davis Memorial Fund

100% of the proceeds from this Memorial Fund will go to Marjorie Davis, the mother of Ericsson Davis.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We talk to so many of you so often that we really do consider
you to be not just customers, but friends as well. Hank had several long phone conversations and shared many emails with Ericsson about various NFA toys and his military aviation training that he felt that he knew him fairly well. Like many of you, we have a lot in common with our customers in regards to our love of guns and silencers, and Ericsson was no exception. We would do the same thing for any of you if a similar scenario were to happen to you. We’re hoping that you will consider making a small donation – or however much you feel is appropriate toward this Memorial Fund.

I asked Marjorie to share a few words about her son’s achievements. Here is what she said.

“Ericsson grew up on a small horse farm in Nokesville, Virginia and went to Virginia Military Institute, majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a minor in Arabic. He graduated with honors in 2010 and commissioned in the United States Marine Corps. He went to flight school in Pensacola (fixed wing and rotor), and Corpus Christi (multi-engine) and got his pilot wings June 2013. He transferred to MCAS New River, NC where he completed training in the Osprey in April 2014, and was assigned to VMM-264 the Black Knights as the Adjutant.

He had just finished training - a fast burner, he graduated high school at 16, college at 20 and was almost 25 when he died. His unit, the Black Knights, is deploying this summer and he was looking forward to flying the Osprey, being Adjutant and using his Arabic. He chose the Osprey over jets because of the mission - he would be close to the ground, supporting the ground forces. Plus, he wanted to work with a crew, not solo in a jet.

He has a number of friends in Special Forces and classmates that have already deployed, but because of the lengthy training to fly the Osprey (a twin engine that flies like a helicopter and plane), he had not yet had any boots on the ground time. He was due to pin on Capt. this month and his unit promoted him posthumously.”

Ericsson Davis

So this Memorial Fund serves two purposes: the first is to offer our customers and friends a chance to contribute financially to assist Ericsson Davis' mother to help her settle his affairs in the wake of his untimely death, and secondly, a chance to take this Daniel Defense MK18 SBR home for free. NC SILENCER will seed the Memorial Fund with $50 and keep it open for the rest of the month. At 10:00PM on Thursday, July 31, I will draw one entry at random, and notify the winner via email. We will give the Daniel Defense SBR to the winner for free.

Remember, in order to be approved by ATF for transfer and possession of the SBR, you must be at least 21 years old and reside in a state that allows private ownership of SBRs. Also, the winner is responsible for the $200 ATF tax stamp fee. This particular Daniel Defense MK18 model is valued at $1,800.

Thank you and I hope you have a good 4th of July weekend. Stay safe.

Eric Morton,

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