Saturday, October 4, 2014

ATF eForm How-To Guide

This can be yours too! For the low, low price of only $200...
Earlier this year, a customer of NC SILENCER put together a very nice How-To guide for using the ATF eForm system to file a Form 1 for an SBR build. He posted his guide on the forum and gave us permission to refer people to it.

We've been happily referring our customers and other nice SBR-loving Americans to it ever since.

In an effort to help increase the visibility of this very comprehensive and helpful How-To guide, I thought I would link to it from the NC SILENCER blog as well. So here you go... enjoy!

After you've gotten your Form 1 submission under your belt and you're waiting for it to be approved and for your tax stamp to arrive, you may wonder what kind of suppressor you're going to run on your new SBR. Well, no need to wonder... we can help you there too. Head over to NC SILENCER and we'll take care of all of that pesky Form 4 stuff for you. And in case you're wondering, your part in getting the suppressor paperwork rolling is much, MUCH easier than navigating the ATF eForm for the SBR paperwork. Why? Because we do it all for you in this case. You HAVE to go through a Class III dealer when you buy a suppressor. So we take care of everything for you on the back end.


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