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News You Can Use from NC SILENCER - April 2015 Edition

If you've ever done business with NC SILENCER or have contacted us with silencer-related questions, you are probably already aware of our monthly News You Can Use newsletter. This is a "State of the Union" email (as a customer once called it) of NFA industry news and other tidbits of info from us that we think you'll find useful. This is our way of reaching out to all our customers with items of interest of which we want to share. Email just seems to be the best way to lay out a page or two worth of information to distribute across 1,000s of customers and friends.

I realize that many of you guys use Facebook to get your news on the companies and products you follow. However, I tend to gravitate more toward sitting down every now and then to collect my thoughts and write it all out in a newsletter or blog post. It just works better for me that way. I generally get on Facebook (personal FB page) once a year to say thanks for all the birthday wishes.

So I just sent out the April News You Can Use letter last night. It went out to directly to NC SILENCER customers and contacts via email - as I pointed out above. But I thought that this time, I would copy the newsletter into a blog post so it will be out there on the internet for everyone else to discover. I know a lot or you guys who subscribe and follow this blog aren't necessarily customers... so you probably aren't getting the newsletter.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks!


It’s time for another News You Can Use from NC SILENCER.

Winner of the March Silencer Give-away: You may recall that in last month’s newsletter, we introduced our new Customer Loyalty Program. This is where we give away a Huntertown Arms B-22 suppressor (and pay for the tax stamp also) for one lucky customer each month. We randomly draw a name from all customers who purchased an NFA item during the prior month and give that person the free silencer and tax stamp. So the other day, we notified Bruce D. from Elizabeth City that he was the winner for the March drawing. So, congratulations Bruce! We hope you enjoy your new extra toy!

ATF 41-P News: I know this is something that everyone is concerned with, so I feel compelled to continue to update you guys on it. There have been no hard dates handed down from ATF regarding 41-P. My personal gut feeling about this however is that based on historical evidence, our infamous President will probably try to push his gun control agenda one way or another during the last 18 months of his term while he still has the power to do so. He has already demonstrated that he’s willing to circumvent his constitutional obligation to get congressional approval, when it comes to advancing some of his personal agendas, so that probably won’t stop him from enacting some kind of rule/law/ban/regulation/etc via Executive Action or otherwise that contradicts our 2nd Amendment rights.

Therefore I would suggest that we all NOT assume that “no news is good news” in regards to 41-P. Nothing would surprise me anymore from what I’ve seen come out of this administration during the past several years. If you’ve been thinking about getting the ball rolling on a silencer, SBR or Machine Gun, now may be the time, lest future laws forever prevent it from happening.

I really don’t mean to sound like a fear-monger about all this, but I’m just being practical. I believe that it’s good to look at the ATFs involvement in our NFA ownership with a healthy skepticism. Personally, I just feel that everything seems a little TOO quiet right now on the gun control front. It can’t hurt to try to be prepared in the event all hell breaks loose and our rights to buy NFA items take a turn for the worst.

Even though my personal feelings are that change may be quietly brewing at ATF, one thing that is NOT changing is our commitment to make sure that North Carolina residents can continue to buy silencers and other NFA items as easily as possible.  This brings me to my next point…

New NC SILENCER Website: So I need to start this section off with an apology. A couple years ago I made a promise to you, and now I have to go back on my word.

I told you guys in the April 2013 “News You Can Use” newsletter that we would never introduce a shopping cart to our website, because we truly enjoy having an opportunity to communicate with each of you individually. Well, because of the overwhelming amount of support that you guys have continued to show NC SILENCER, it just makes sense at this point for us to return the favor and make it even easier for you guys to buy silencers. So… yes, the NC SILENCER website now has a built-in shopping cart to even further streamline your NFA buying experience.

Now, I want to stop right here to make it as clear as I can that neither Hank nor myself are going anywhere. We’re still right here, ready and waiting to answer your silencer-related questions and help you with any issues that you might have. But now, those of you who have the process figured out and you know exactly what you want, you’ll be able to buy silencers, silencer accessories, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and even machine guns directly from our website. We’ve had software made for us that now allows you to purchase these items even faster. Also, please remember that we are Authorized Dealers for every major suppressor brand on the market and most of the small brands too.  So if there is a particular make or model of silencer that you would like to purchase or you would like a price on but you don’t see it listed on our website, just fill out the contact form or e-mail us and ask. Like always, we will still personally respond to you with pricing and availability of that item.

The shopping cart feature on the new website is very easy to use, but to take the guesswork out of it for you, I even made a video tutorial about how to use the shopping cart. Click HERE to watch me buy a Silencerco Octane 9 on the new and improved You’ll see firsthand how easy and quick the process is. We hope that you’ll find the new NC SILENCER website and shopping cart to be as user-friendly and rewarding as we intended it to be.

Please don’t forget to explore the added content on the site itself. For all of you existing customers, we hope you’ll find even more useful information on this new website to help you enjoy your NFA experience, and for all you new and/or undecided customers, we hope that you’ll find the answers to all your silencer-related questions with just a few clicks of your mouse and a few minutes of reading and watching. Between the “Silencer 101” page, the “FAQ” page, “How to Buy a Silencer” page, the informative Hickok45 videos featuring our NFA toys… and all the blog posts I’ve written over the years, I think you’ll discover a wealth of information. Have fun, enjoy the ride and please partake responsibly. And don’t drink and suppress… you might spill your beer.

The Next NC SILENCER “Demo Day”: We have been asked by many of you guys about our next scheduled demo day and fun shoot. Since we weren’t able to make it to the DPRC (Durham Pistol and Rifle Club) Fun Shoot and Demo Day last fall, you’ve been asking if we plan to be at the event this spring. For those of you who may not know, we have arranged these events in the past where our customers and their friends can come try out their toys that we have in quarantine… or bring your own guns to try out on our demo silencers. This has always proven to be very popular and you guys continue to tell us that you enjoy the experience.

Well, we had planned to participate in the DPRC’s semi-annual Fun Shoot and Demo Day at the end of April and I was going to announce that here in this newsletter… but we recently got word that the DPRC will not host the event this spring. That’s not to say that we may not be able to arrange another suppressor demo day somewhere else in the upcoming months… but at this point, we do not have any firm dates or details to give you. We will certainly let you guys know via another newsletter as soon as another opportunity arises. But for now, there’s nothing to mark on your calendar. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it was out of our control.

Well, that’s it for the April, 2015 News You Can Use. Thanks again for your business and support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in this fun and rewarding place we call the NFA world.


Eric Morton, Manager


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