Friday, April 3, 2015

Suppressors for Home Defense?

The other day, I came across an article about using suppressors for home defense.

This is a topic that I've often thought about... I believe that using a suppressor indoors in a home defense scenario is a no-brainer in regards to preserving your hearing, awareness, and orientation, etc. The idea that gives me pause though, is the reckoning that might come if I found myself in front of a jury of my peers trying to explain why I shot that "nice young man" (who happened to be holding a crowbar with which he had used to break into my home in the middle of the night and was in my daughter's bedroom)... and the gun I used had a (gasp) silencer. Oh, the horror.

Would the jury be sympathetic to me (the right-wing extremist with a silenced gun who shot that poor defenseless young man) in light of the facts, or will the mere presence of a silencer in the equation somehow sway their opinion of me as a person? (Surely he must have SOME kind of nefarious intentions if he owns a silencer. What kind of sane person would want a silencer?

I'm well aware of the stigma of silencers, aka suppressors. Talk to just about anyone who is on the other side of the fence from us gun guys - even well-educated folks - about silencers, and they will almost always instinctively parrot the Hollywood and media talking points; "Why do you need a silencer? What, are you an assassin? Only criminals use silencers."

It's funny to me to think that in this era of instant 24/7 information, when everyone seems to be an expert on everything, most otherwise rational and logical people choose to be willingly and willfully ignorant when it comes to the subject of firearm silencers. Sometimes I feel that my mission to educate Americans on the facts about silencers and silencer-ownership is a losing battle. But I'm not ready to hang up my sword just yet.

That being said, this article does not delve into the political - and possible legal implications of using a silencer for home defense. It does, however speak to some very good points that I think would be good for you guys to know. The focus is actually on using rifles - and specifically SBRs as home defense weapons, and how equipping them with suppressors makes them so much more viable in this role.

Here you go:

Suppressors for Home Defense article from

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